Industrial wall exhaust and air makup propeller fan ventilators, Canada Blower wall and roof exhaust axial power fans and ventilators.
Canadian axial fan ventilator - Canada Blower
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Canada Blower Packaged Wall Supply Fans offer an economical and efficient way for air make-up in industrial and commercial buildings:
- Complete AMCA performance & sound certification with capacities to 100,000 CFM @ 2" WG;
- The most economical powered air make-up units for industrial and commercial use;
- Delay switch opens a motorized damper before fan motor starts - to avoid motor overloading;
- Variety of fan accessories available: explosion-proof construction, safety gurad, wheather hood, bird screen, decorative louver;
- A full range of wall exhaust fans is available, as well.

Canada Blower Industrial Type C Wall Exhaust Fans are:
- general ventilation fans designed for use in commercial and industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, garages;
- Canada Blower unique Stationary Shaft Assembly with permanently sealed & lubricated bearings ensures bearings life 300,000 hrs;
- galvanizeshood and housing;
- six-blade die-fromed steel industrial duty rigid fan propeller assembly;
- various Canada Blower ventilator accessories available: explosion proof construction; wall housing; backdraft, manual and motorized dampers; safety guards; weather hoods; etc...