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When most people hear the word “fan”, they generally imagine axial fans. Axial fans contain blades that extend radially from a central hub. As the blades spin, they draw in and force out air along an axis parallel to the axis of rotation.

The basic design of Canada Blower axial fans allows them to produce airflow with a high flow rate and low pressure, meaning they are generally suitable for applications that simply require moving large volumes of air from one space to another. However, the exact design and configuration of a fan may vary depending on the particular requirements and restrictions of the intended application.

Canada Blower offers the following types of axial fans:

Roof Supply & Exhaust
Wall Supply & Exhaust
Duct Inline
Mixed Flow
Smoke & Heat Removal
Adjustable Pitch
Direct & Belt Drive

Canada Blower Heavy Duty Axial fans are available available in three basic designs: types AP N and AN N are power plant axial fans designed for larger fossil fuel boilers, especially when reduced load requirements will be encountered. Type MA Adjustax-able axial fans are designed to deliver high capacities (to 900,000 cfm) and medium to high pressures (to 20" total pressure in single stage, to 40" total pressure in two stage) for a variety of industrial process and ventilation applications.

Canada Blower duct fans, tubeaxial fans, vaneaxial fans, roof ventilators and wall propeller fans are found throughout the world operating in industrial processes where performance, reliability and maintainability are of paramount importance. Ranging in diameter from 6 inches to over 9.3m, and with a variety of impeller designs, control systems and layout options, they form a comprehensive series of axial fans to satisfy virtually all industrial applications. The majority of the fans we supply can be grouped into four broad categories: with fixed pitch props, with variable pitch props, with mixed flow props, and two stage props. All are supplied to the same exacting standards, capable of moving from a few hundred cubic feet per minute, to heavy duty adjustable pitch props with capacities up to 900,000 CFM and with static pressures from 0 " Water Gauge (WG) to 40" " WG.

Canada Blower axial flow fans are best buy for many industrial air moving jobs. Generally, an axial ventilator costs considerable less than a quality centrifugal fan delivering the same volume and pressure. They cost less to install since they are lighter, requiring minimum structural support. They can be duct mounted, taking up little space. Direct drive fan  models mean faster start-up and the abscence of V-belt drive and fan bearings lowers maintenance costs.

Adjustax-able VaneAxials feature an adjustable pitch blade fan wheel that permits matching your pressure/volume requirements exactly, and lets you make on-the-job adjustments to compensate for system changes.

Type B Axilas have fixed ventilator blade wheels in capacities up to 300,000 cfm and to 5" total pressure.

The Aeroline swing-out fans are efficient low moise level fans where the entire rotating assembly swings out for maintenance.


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Canada Blower is a major Industrial and OEM fan and blower manufacturer in North America. Canada Blower fans are well know for their highest manufacturing quality, reliability and industrial toughness for many years across the world.

Canada Blower Centrifugal Fan is a rugged multi-purpose centrifugal fan equipped with an airfoil wheel suited for supply and exhaust air and light duty industrial applications. With  energy efficient airfoil wheel, the airfoil fan provides reliable and quiet operation, even in mildly contaminated air. The fan is also suited for high temperature airstreams.

Canada Blower's airfoil fans are available in standard in four construction classes to meet every application requirement. With air volumes to 300,000 CFM and static pressures to 15" WG and, the range of Airfoil Centrifugal Fans cover the most popular general ventilation systems need and typical mid-to-high range of OEM air-moving machinery designs. Airfoil wheels have true non-overloading horsepower characteristics, mechanical efficiency over 80% and a steep stable pressure curve, ideal for applications with pressure variations. Should actual system pressure reach 30% higher than the pressure anticipated, the airfoil fan would still feliver 90% of the original design air volume.

In-line Duct Fans- EBH Canada Blower Series:
- General purporse inline fans for low, medium and large volumes of air & pressure in industrial & commercial ventilation applications;
- Sizes 6" through 84" fan wheel DIA;
- In-Line Centrifugal fan design for quiet operation and performance against high static pressure with non-overloading fan curves;
- Galvanized steel exterior over galvanized steel frame provides a high degree of rigidity;
- AMCA certified fan rating for sound and air performance;
- Wide range of fan accessories available